Impar Trade of automotive accessories, cosmetics and tyres.


Rebranding, Print Design, Promotional Materials




Stable, Reliable, Bold Typo, Dynamic, User-friendly, Modern and Timeless.

The company’s 30 years of unbroken and upwardly curving career in the tyre (including agro-industrial) and car accessories markets is a testimony to stability, reliability and dynamism. So we have chosen these as the basic keywords for the brand refresh. The basic problems with the original logo are its overly defined and unchangeable composition, its typography, which is not sufficiently pronounced and nicely edited, and its design, which offers little scope for use. Therefore, the opposite of these has also been added to the list of basic keywords. Thus, the main characteristics of the new logo should be stability, reliability, a strong and well-edited typography, dynamism, ease of use on all surfaces and in all situations, modernity and timelessness.

We looked at how big brands with similar characteristics and dominant positions in similar markets have achieved these in their own branding.

Original logo

Elements of
the new Logo

1 (number one)

– The perfect symbol of unmatched/uniqueness, it was also a key element of the old brand.
The incorporation of the road and 1 (singular) into the word IMPAR can be a functional symbol and graphic element in any situation, in a very small size.

The Road

– A symbol of dynamism and vehicle movement.
Upward curving, a symbol of continuous progress.





Modern, bold
and dynamic

The typeface was tilted by 10° to increase the dynamic effect

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